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Why Lease A Citroen Relay?

Why Lease A Citroen Relay?

Citroen Relay

It would be fair to say that the leasing of cars and vans is becoming an increasingly popular option for today’s motorists, as the temporary ownership of a van in particular can be of great help to families, sole traders and larger businesses. With so many different models to choose from, options for leasing a van can be somewhat overwhelming, but one van that we can wholeheartedly recommend for a number of good reasons is the Citroen Relay. Here is why the Relay might be the van that you have been looking for.

Optimum storage space

The Citroen Relay boasts good dimensions providing excellent storage space. Things like luggage, furniture, sports gear and business stock are all well within the remit of the Relay’s proportions. With a range of 8 to 17 m3 of space, the van is an excellent choice for transporting large volumes of items over short and long distances. It also ranks as a leading model in its category with a sliding door of up to 1.25m.

Surprisingly economic to run

One of the best reasons to lease a Citroen Relay is that in recent model updates, fuel economy has increased by an average of 15 percent. All vans in the Relay range are 2.2 litre HDI unit engines, and the vehicles boast an official combined economy rating of 38.2 mpg, though you can certainly get more out of your fuel with accordingly economic driving. This is great news for both your finances and for the environment.

Three seats for passengers

Though many vans of a similar size come with two front passenger seats as standard, the Citroen Relay makes the transporting of goods and items much easier by providing three passenger seats. Anybody who has had to transport a large load of numerous items will know that the more hands available to help, the easier the job is. Having the luxury of three passengers compared to two is one of the key reasons to lease a Citroen Relay, in our opinion. With more space for people and more space for cargo, you might be able to achieve your task in a single trip.

The excitement of a new vehicle

One of the biggest advantages of leasing a van (or any other vehicle) rather than buying outright is the fact that you can enjoy the luxuries of a brand-new vehicle without having to expend a large cash sum on a single occasion. Vans of this nature can be expensive if purchased outright, so the process of leasing is the logical option for somebody who needs a practical vehicle but cannot afford to purchase one to own. Leasing is also, most often, cheaper than a financial loan. Leasing also saves you from injecting all of your cash in to a van that, with a constant flow of new models, will soon find itself out of date.

Ability to switch vehicles

Another great advantage of van leasing is that it gives you the freedom to swap and upgrade your vehicles on a regular basis rather than being stuck with the same van that you bought outright a number of years ago; ideal for somebody who likes to keep up with the latest in motor upgrades and technology.

No pressure of paying for repairs

We all know too well the sinking feeling of being handed a huge repair bill by a mechanic. When you are leasing, however, you can enter in to an arrangement in which you any maintenance and repairs are covered as part of your monthly instalments. When you lease a Citroen Relay, you can opt in for a package that includes this kind of deal, one that could see you saving a lot of money.

Budgeting made easy

With the maintenance costs covered in your package instalments, leasing a Citroen Relay makes budgeting easier. This is because you will not have to worry about potential hidden costs. The figure that you agree at the start of your lease is the figure that you will pay for the duration, no more, no less, and this will give you peace of mind for the rest of your financial obligations.

Value for money

The fact of the matter is that most cheap outright vehicles will not offer you the kind of quality that you are looking for. When you agree to a lease, however, you are ensuring that you get the maximum value out of both the van you are driving and the money that you are spending each month.

Simply, you need extra space

There are plenty of vehicles that are great to drive, but if you are the kind of person that needs more storage space for your family or business, then leasing a Citroen Relay will cater to all your needs.


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