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Why Lease a Citroen Berlingo?

Why Lease a Citroen Berlingo?

Citroen Berlingo

Leasing a van or car is becoming a very popular option for motorists, whether it is for family use or business purposes. If you are interested in leasing a van, there are many makes and models offered as deals. One of these is the Citroen Berlingo, offering several models and a great deal of versatility. Why could this be the vehicle you need?

You need space for transporting items

If you don’t need a larger van, but want space for luggage, sports gear, shopping or business purposes, the Berlingo offers versatility and space. Top Gear describes the Berlingo as having an enormous interior, meaning that you can easily accommodate shopping, children, prams, luggage, or whatever you need to transport. The Berlingo may not be the prettiest vehicle to look at, but its boxy shape maximises space and allows for a massive 3,000 litres storage space if you fold the seats down.

They are economical to run

How does almost 70 mpg sound to you? With typical fuel prices ranging between 112-123 per litre (June 2017), the hard-pressed family budget needs to squeeze as much mileage as possible out of each litre. Newer models of the Berlingo offer as much as 68.9 mpg – which is great news for your pocket, as well as being better for the environment.

You need a 7-seater

One of the problems with the average family car is that it’s quickly filled up by the average family. If you have three children of your own, you don’t have any space for transporting other children, and if you have four children you can’t all travel in the same car. Unless you lease a vehicle like the Berlingo, which includes 7-seater vehicles among its range. This makes it a very versatile vehicle, because you can accommodate more people or leave space for luggage. If you want to include grandparents on a trip, no problem – there’s space for everyone.

You want a new vehicle

Leasing a car can be a very practical alternative to purchasing one outright. The problem with buying a vehicle is that it ties up your capital in something that, unlike a house, is guaranteed to depreciate in value. Or maybe you don’t have the funds to buy a van or car. Leasing is a very handy way of getting a new vehicle without the huge outlay that buying entails. You’ll get the best deals if you can put down a deposit, but leasing saves you from having to settle for an old car or tie up all your money.

You can change vehicles frequently

Owning a car means that you’ll often have to stick with it for years. Replacing it with a new vehicle can be far too costly, yet the older your car gets, the more likely it is to need parts replacing or break down. If you depend on your vehicle for work or family use, that can leave you in a difficult situation. Leasing a Berlingo means that you’ll always have a reliable vehicle, and can replace it with a newer model when your contract ends.

You won’t have to pay for repairs

Every owner of a vehicle knows that sinking feeling when they’re handed a huge repair bill, never mind the inconvenience of having a vehicle out of use. When you lease a Berlingo, or indeed any other vehicle, you can opt for a package that includes maintenance – take this option, and there will be no nasty shocks if the vehicle needs repairing.

Budgeting is easy

It is often the unexpected expenses that derail a personal or business budget. When you lease a Berlingo, you will know exactly how much you will be spending every month, especially if you choose a maintenance package. And it comes as a surprise to many motorists that the monthly cost of a lease can actually be cheaper than taking out a loan to buy a car.

You want value for money

Some vehicles are all looks and no substance, which is fine if you have plenty of cash and don’t need value for money. However, most people do need to get maximum value out of their vehicle, and with leasing deals on the Berlingo from as little as £xxx per month, your pounds will definitely stretch further. Leases also mean that you can enjoy the reliability of a new vehicle without the huge expense.

You need storage space

Some vehicles are great to drive, but fall short on practicality. There never seems to be enough storage space in most vehicles. That is where the Berlingo steps (or drives) in. Cleverly designed to make the most of its interior, the Berlingo offers all the storage space you could need. It uses spaces that other vehicles waste, so that there is always room to stash all the things you need.

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