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Volkswagen Van Leasing

Volkswagen, in keeping with German automotive tradition, is synonymous with reliability. Its commercial vehicles are robust and dependable without sacrificing modern features. From the modestly sized Caddy to the gigantic Crafter with high and extra high roof heights, there is a VW that suits all kinds of business.

While practicality always at the forefront of Volkswagen design, they don’t sacrifice modern safety features and environmentally friendly technology. In recent years through revolutionary engines and fuel-conscious technology, they have made a name for themselves for being fuel-efficient. With the environment being a hot topic in the public consciousness, using an environmentally-responsible vehicle can be attractive to your customers.

With recent facelifts, Volkswagen has modernised the current generation of their commercial vehicles. They have ensured that style is not sacrificed in the name of practicality.

VW Caddy

The Volkswagen Caddy is the smallest van that VW offer. It has a modest base loading space of 3.2m3 and a payload capacity of 669kg, although this will vary with options. With a sizeable rear door getting your cargo in and out is comfortable, with a sliding door to the left of the car to make access even more manageable. With 6 load-bearing rings, you can be sure everything will be secure, and half-height hardboard comes as standard to protect the inside of the vehicle.

The cabin of the car offers many convenient storage options including 4 drink holders, a lockable glovebox, and a storage unit in the centre console. For entertainment, the Caddy boasts both an AUX input socket as well as iPod and USB connections.

VW Transporter

Volkswagen’s flagship commercial vehicle is the highest selling van in history with over 12,000,000 having been sold across the world since 1950. With its iconic purposeful boxy shape it is surprisingly striking for such a practical design.

The Transporter has a loading capacity of an impressive 5.8m3, able to carry a base level maximum payload of 933kg. Under the bonnet of the new generation vehicles lies a TDI common rail diesel engine which boasts more than enough power while improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

Volkswagen’s reputation for safety is well known and doesn’t stop at their cars. You can choose to have the van help you change lane, by notifying you if anything is in your blind spot, and it will even tell you when your brake pads are starting to become dangerously worn – not uncommon when you are transporting heavy loads frequently.

VW Crafter

Introduced in 2006, the Crafter is a relatively new addition to the Volkswagen LCV line-up. With a load space capacity of 7.5m3 in the standard version, which can almost double in the higher roof versions at 14m3, as well as weight capacities between 871kg and 1149kg - if your cargo can’t fit in this van you’ll likely need a lorry.

With rear doors opening to 270 degrees, getting cargo into the massive loading bay couldn’t be easier. The loading process is made even more fluid with an integrated step on the rear bumpers and at the side door allowing for simplified entry.

The cabin boasts generous storage areas with a glovebox, overhead storage, drink holders and a dashboard tray. With an 8” touch screen and voice control you don’t have to fiddle about with nobs and switches so you can focus on what’s important – driving.

VW Amarok

While vans are the right choice of commercial vehicle in most lines of work, in some cases they just don’t cut it. If you work in challenging terrain and need something that will get you from place to place with reliably and with ease, or perhaps go on long journeys where car-like convenience features would be more than welcome, then a pickup may be a fantastic option.

Storming into the pickup market in 2011, the Amarok has made a considerable impact. With a payload capacity of 1077kg, and impressive off-road capabilities, if you work in rough terrain, then this vehicle is more than capable of handling it. While you might be sacrificing some loading area space in comparison to a van, you’re adding two seats in the front cabin for a total of 5.

The front cabin also boasts some incredibly in-depth and luxurious features. With grab handles on both front pillars, storage areas under the front seats, and a computer with an electronic display and multiple functionalities. Parking sensors at the front and rear are also a welcome addition to such a large vehicle, helping to avoid bumps in towns and cities. Chrome detailing on the outside of the pickup, as well as imposing extended wheel arches, make this incredibly practical vehicle nonetheless incredibly visually impressive.

Volkswagen is a household name and has earned its reputation for safety, practicality and, especially in recent years, efficiency. As robust and reliable machines maintenance costs will be limited, and with relatively low fuel consumption you’ll find you save a significant amount of money every year. Get in touch with The Van Warehouse today to lease your Volkswagen vehicle.


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