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Peugeot Van Leasing

With over 200 years of history, Peugeot is a brand which has brought iconic French styling to everyday commercial vehicles. Having perfected the balance of style and substance, the French manufacturer makes reliable, efficient and practical vehicles that have the versatility to meet the needs of your business – and they look damn good while doing it.

Peugeot know they have to make a real effort if they are going to make an impact in an already crowded competitive market. This translates into their ability to blend an excellent driving experience, extensive features, and surprisingly impressive design into one attractive package.

While fifteen or so years ago it might have been a different story, not to consider Peugeot to help meet the needs of your business today is a grave mistake. From the Partner through the Expert to the Boxer, the French brand have managed to create an impressive fleet of versatile and robust vehicles that incorporate the iconic styling of their everyday road vehicles.

Peugeot Partner

The Partner is the smallest vehicle in Peugeot’s line of commercial vehicles. It is fantastically nippy with a deceptively big interior, making it perfect for use within busy towns and cities.

With a load space volume of 3.3m3 and a maximum payload of 854kg, the Partner is more than capable of shifting a fairly significant load around with ease. A convenient side sliding door makes, loading, unloading and accessing your cargo significantly easier.

Practicality should always be the priority with commercial vehicles - fortunately this is where the Partner excels. The cargo area boasts 6 hooks to keep it secure, plastic protection for the sides and floor of the van, and a removable cargo light.

This vehicle also sports copious amounts of storage with a sliding drawer below the driver, storage bins in the rear doors and cargo area floor, a glove box, overhead storage, and a centre console storage compartment.

The cabin features USB and Bluetooth connections as well as a CD and MP3 player and a TomTom navigation system for entertainment and convenience.

Peugeot Expert

The Expert takes the medium-sized position in Peugeot’s commercial line-up. With a storage capacity of 4.6m3 and a maximum payload of 1100kg, it holds significantly more than its little brother yet maintains relatively sleek and compact dimensions. With six loading hooks, you can be sure your cargo will remain secure.

For workers who spend a fair amount of time in busy environments but require that extra storage space then this is a fantastic choice. The Expert boasts the lowest loading sill on the market meaning you will not find a vehicle that is easier to load and unload. With rear doors that open to 180 degrees and a sliding door, your cargo remains is incredibly accessible.

Peugeot Boxer

Peugeot might not be the first brand you think of when it comes to big and tough commercial vehicles, but the French brand has quietly been increasing its market share through an impressive new generation of vehicles.

The Boxer is the largest van that Peugeot offer, with a storage capacity of 13m3 and a maximum payload of 1525kg. With a stylish front end, this vehicle is by far the most stand-out member of the French fleet. With a range of engines available, as well as bigger brakes and improves suspension in comparison to its predecessor the driving experience is unexpectedly good on such a large vehicle.

This is improved even further by well-considered features such as Hill Start Assist. Peugeot is also well aware that you are going to be transporting significant amounts of cargo in their gargantuan vehicle, and so have included 10 tie-down hooks so there is plenty opportunity to secure your load. There is also a generous amount of protective wooden covering will prevent the inside of the can from getting any bumps and scrapes.

This level of detail carries on to the cabin which has copious amounts of storage with two glove boxes, a lockable centre console, large front door pockets and storage on the passenger side dash. They have also included hard-wearing non-slip flooring knowing that it will prove useful for those of you caught working in the rain.

Peugeot knows it isn’t the biggest name in the LCV industry and knows that if it wants to challenge the big boys in Ford and Volkswagen, they have to make sure they’re making the best of the best. They’ve succeeded, signified by their increasing prominence on the roads. More than most they have managed to seamlessly incorporate their modern card design into their commercial vehicles, and the long list of useful features shows they understand the needs of workers.

Peugeot is a fantastic option for those who want a well-rounded and reliable vehicle. Get in contact with us now to discuss leasing your own.


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