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Ford Transit Custom Overview

Ford Transit Custom Overview

Ford Transits have become synonymous with a functional and reliable worker’s vehicle in the United Kingdom. They make up almost 1/5th of every van on our roads, and in 2015 the Transit Custom was the best-selling van in the country. So, the question remains, why is it so popular?

The Space

The dimensions of the Transit Custom play a massive role in why the Transit Custom has proven to be so successful. Ford has managed to create an unusually large cargo area in a relatively normally-proportioned vehicle, starting at 6m3 and rising up to 8.3m3 depending on what model you go for.

Ford Transit Custom Orange

With a maximum load height of 1,778mm in our H2 offerings, this van can even compete against some vehicles in the large van category. The loading bay floor is entirely flat and is surrounded by four vertical walls, maximising cargo space. Altogether, the Transit Custom has the ability to hold up to three Europallets in total.

Not only is there plenty of space but accessing it could not be easier. The rear and side load heights are incredibly low allowing you to effortlessly step up and inside, meaning you will not have to struggle to get your cargo up and into the van. The rear doors will also open to an impressive 180°, ensuring that they will not get in your way as you transfer your cargo back and forth.

In addition, the passenger side sliding door has an impressive width of 1030mm. This means they can accommodate a standard-sized Europallet. Dual sliding doors are also offered as an option, making loading and unloading even easier.

Conscious of the fact that this van is meant to be used, Ford has included fitted interior lights to ensure fantastic visibility in the cargo area. The L1 model comes with two lights, while the longer wheelbase L2 model features four lights as standard. An option for super bright LEDs to improve visibility even further is also offered.

With such a fantastic van you will want to keep it as nice as possible for as long as possible. Luckily, depending on model and options, Ford include either a half-height or full-height hardboard lining. This means you can go about your job uninhibited by the worry that you are going to wreck your vehicle with bumps and scrapes.

Performance and Emissions

Ford has developed an impressive new 2-litre EcoBlue engine for the Transit line. Not only is their new state-of-the-art technology good for the environment, but it is good for your wallet too.

The new EcoBlue Diesel engines improve fuel efficiency by 13% over the old 2.2 litre TDCi engine, getting you an incredible 46.3 miles to the gallon, saving you a fantastic amount of money over the lifetime of the vehicle. Naturally, this will simultaneously reduce CO2 emissions. New technologies have also reduced NOx emissions which have brought them will in line with the Euro6 standards. Ford’s new environment-focused look is well known and using these can be a fantastic and ethical look for your company.

Ford Transit Custom Blue

Ford has also spent the time to develop the driving experience of the van. The new engines provide real advances in the low-rpm torque of the engine (increased by up to 20%) which makes the driveability much more manageable. The “computer-optimised engine design” also minimises noise and vibration, making those long journeys much more manageable.

The Design

As the Light Commercial Vehicle market has continued to grow throughout Britain and Europe, it has become increasingly competitive, and manufacturers have been forced to become more and more conscious of design. In combination with the need to improve aerodynamics for fuel-efficiency, many modern vans are becoming incredibly stylish.

This is especially true for Ford who has introduced a lot of their contemporary styling which you would associate with their series of cars into their commercial vehicles. The stylised and aggressive looking front-end help to offset the blocky shape of the rear of the vehicle. The modern lights stretch far back into a point, making the engine area appear much sleeker than it actually is.

Slanting and gentle lines also rise upwards along the side of the vehicle towards the rear which breaks up and distracts from the inherently boxy dimensions of the van. Ford has managed to prioritise function without sacrificing form and has developed a fantastically proportioned vehicle.


Ford know this vehicle is going to be used and have included many features with the aim of keeping your van running at peak performance.

It has never been easier to keep an eye on the condition of your commercial vehicle. The Custom comes standard with an engine oil monitor so that if your oil starts to deteriorate, a light will appear on the dashboard when it requires some attention. There are also sensors on the brake pads which will warn you when they are in need of replacement which will keep you, other drivers, and pedestrians safe.

This theme of driver convenience is even evident when you go to fill the car with fuel. Ford’s ‘Easy-Fuel capless refuelling system’ ensures that no one will unintentionally fill your tank with the wrong fuel. It also means you can avoid touching the grimy fuel cap altogether.

An exciting option included as an option with the Custom is a roof rack which will fold away when not in use. Maxing out at 130kg, when it is not in use the rack will fold away out of sight and out of mind, improving fuel economy while reducing wind noise.

In Conclusion…

To summarise, medium vans are a very flexible option for many businesses of all sizes. This section of the LCV market manages to strike a keen balance between the car-like versatility of small vans, and the unique functionality of large vans.

With the Transit Custom, Ford has cemented themselves as leaders in innovation. Every feature of the van has been considered and improved from the utilitarian cargo area to the EcoBlue machinery that powers the vehicle.

If you do not need the space that a large van can offer but a smaller vehicle just will not do, then you cannot do much better, if at all, than the Ford Transit Custom.


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